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QF Automatic Diverter Valve

Brand: Nordfab

Product Description

Diverter Valve to automatically alter the flow of material through ductwork

Nordfab QF Automatic Diverter Valves provide a high efficiency, economical method of diverting the flow of material or air with automatic controls. One to two magnetic cylinders create a power open and close. A minimum of 75 psi is needed to run these automatic controls.

It's constructed of heavy 3/16" thick, painted black metal, with welded seams. Stainless steel is an alternative option that has a stainless steel cylinder with a steel rod. 

It's available in 3" - 24" diameters with a 45° angle. It also comes with heavy duty flange bearings, and a rubber seal in the door. 

Product Features: 

  • 3" - 24" diameters
  • 45° angle only
  • Made of heavy duty, painted black metal or stainless steel 
  • Automatic operation type
  • Minimum 75 psi
  • Magnetic Cylinders
    • Single cylinder for 3" - 18"
    • Double cylinders for 20" - 24"
  • Quick, simple assembly


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