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Clamps to quickly and easily connect QF Duct Pipe. 

The Quick-Fit (QF) Clamp provides quick and easy connections for QF Duct Pipe. Suggested quantities for QF Clamps are 1 per part. They are are available in 3" - 24" diameters. 

Clamps come standard with Nitrile seals and bridge pin for locking clamp into closed position. Other available gasket seal types are Silicone and ePTFE for applications where temperature is not suitable for Nitrile. 

Its QF rolled ends for use with these QF clamps, allow quick assembly, disassembly and relocation. It clamps together in seconds without welds, bolts, screws, flanges, special tools, precise measurements or specialized skills. So, it cuts installation – and ducting related downtime – by more than 40% over traditional ductwork. Quick-Fit has been used in a wide variety of applications, wherever dust collection or fine particulate transfer is required. 

Contact us for assistance with larger sizes and gauges/materials. 

Product Features

  • 3" - 24" diameters
  • Quick, simple assembly with QF Duct Pipe
  • Gasket comes in Nitrile, Silicone, or ePTFE 

What is the best seal for my application?

Nitrile is the standard seal inserted into Quick-Fit Clamps. It is rated for maximum intermittent service temperatures of 194° F and continuous 158° F. As there is no additional charge for nitrile material, it is the most economical choice.

Silicone offers an economically priced option for operating temperatures above 158° F. Rated for maximum service temperatures of 400° F, silicone has an extremely broad temperature range capability as it is also very good in low temperatures, remaining flexible at -60° F. Additionally silicone offers superb resistance to weather aging and ozone.

ePTFE Maximum temperature rating of 600° F. ePTFE is not degraded by common chemicals (0 - pH range). FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY. Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.


Product Specifications

Diameter 3 - 24 inch
Weight 0.26lbs - 2.20lbs
Material Galv, 304SS
Duct Type Quick Fit Duct
Safety Bridge Pins Included

Info & Guides

Questions & Answers

Do QF Clamps come with the pipe? If not how many do I need to order?
Clamps do not come with pipe. As a rule, you will need one clamp per component ordered.

When do I need ePTFE seals with clamps?
ePTFE clamps are used in FDA, chemical, and high temperature applications. For higher temperatures, silicone seals may also be used. Please see the seal guide above for temperature ratings.

How do I connect to the end of an existing non QF system?
We offer a full line of adapters to connect to any existing pipe you might have.

When do I need to use stainless steel?
Stainless steel is used in FDA, chemical and high temperature applications.

Still have questions?
Browse our frequently asked questions page or contact us.

Discover the Benefits of Nordfab Ducting, "The World's Fastest Ducting™"

Nordfab Ducting, Quick Clamp

Fast Installation
Quick install and changes. Cuts install time by more than 45% compared to flanged ductwork.

Easy Connection
Simply clamp each piece together. No rivets, screws or welding are needed.

Strong & Leak Tight
High quality galvanized or stainless steel manufactured in the USA with laser welded seams.

Use in a wide variety of applications, adapt to your existing ductwork and easily relocate.

Nordfab Ducting General Specifications

Nordfab QF duct is a clamp together design using a rolled edge design with a single lever clamp. The ducting and clamps are constructed from similar materials. All clamps contain a standard gasket made of Nitrile which is suitable for most applications, including oil mist, as long as high temperatures are not an issue. Silicone and ePTFE gasket options are available for higher temperature applications. Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting is available in 1" increments sized 3" to 24" diameter.

Nordfab’s laser welded seam Quick-Fit® Ducting System has been used in many different industrial applications, and under various negative static pressures. The typical design range we see in our applications range from -2" wg to - 28" wg; however, there are some systems operating at vacuums of -32" wg to -42" wg under normal operating parameters.

The pipe comes in 5' lengths with a rolled lip on each end, thus providing reinforcement every 5', which presents a sound structural design that should be as strong or stronger than any pipe in its class according to SMACNA guidelines and regulations.



Nordfab®, Quick-Fit®, and QF® are registered brands of Nordfab and are used here with Nordfab permission as we are a Nordfab Authorized Dealer.