Foundry work consists of several specialized, interlocking processes including mold and core making, melting and pouring, shakeout and core knockout, cleaning, chipping and finishing. All produce various dangerous fumes and hazardous dusts. For example, casting sand, fettling and kiln lining contain silica which produces hazardous respirable crystalline silica.

There are many dangerous fumes and dusts associated with foundry work. When processing metal from ore, large emissions of sulfur oxide and particulates are present and when producing alloys several metallic fumes and dusts form. The levels of dust including respirable dust and silica are the biggest threat as the airborne particles, often invisible to the naked eye, enter into the respiratory tract and can cause disabling, progressive lung diseases that lead to difficulties in oxygen transfer into the bloodstream and are potentially fatal including lung cancer and silicosis. Other harmful foundry process emissions including acidic pollutant gases and dioxins/furans must also be controlled and minimized to protect the employees, ensure cost efficient production and comply with legal regulations to protect the environment.

Exposure to these dusts and fumes is governed by OSHA and monitored by other organizations. We highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the statutory parameters. View Laws & Regulations

To minimize these risks, implement quality air filtration products and systems. Below is an outline of the solutions we recommend.


Our Solutions


Nordfab Quick Fit Ductwork

Quick, simple and strong clamp type ducting to modify, expand or reduce most dust collection systems in a matter of seconds.

Fume Arms

Stainless Steel Extraction Arm

BISCO Stainless Steel Fume Extraction Arms are the most advanced, versatile and durable method of capturing air pollution at its source.

Flex Hose

High Temp Silicone Hose

Double ply iron oxide red silicone coated fiberglass fabric hose reinforced with a spring steel wire helix & external filament fiberglass cord.

Insulated Air Handling Hose

Double ply, iron oxide red, silicone coated, fiberglass fabric hose inner layer and single ply, black neoprene coated, polyester fabric hose outer layer.

Medium Temp Exhaust Hose

Single ply silver silicone coated fiberglass fabric hose mechanically crimped in a continuous process.

High Temp Exhaust Hose

Double ply construction, silver aluminum coated fiberglass fabric hose with a silver heat resistant fiberglass liner.

Extreme Temp Stainless Steel Hose

Hose manufactured using a Titanium stabilized 316 stainless alloy which has superior high temperature corrosion resistance.

Dry Dust Collectors

OptiFlo® RC

A cartridge collector that's the optimal solution to many applications with an optimized design and enhanced filtration performance.

FabriPulse® Fusion

A dry dust collector that's the optimum solution to a variety of air quality problems and can be tailored to specific applications.


A dust collector that will remove up to 99% (by weight) of moderate to coarse particle size dust.

Wet Dust Collectors

RotoClone® N

A wet dust collector that combines high efficiency, low maintenance costs, simplicity, flexibility and low water usage to maximize performance.

RotoClone® LVN

An efficient, compact and economical wet type dust collector specifically designed for volumetric flow rates of 2,500 CFM or less.

Mist Eliminators


Versatile, heavy duty mist/smoke collection systems designed for continuous duty with maintained airflow throughout operation with high filtration efficiency.



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