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Food & Beverage processing industries move a variety of products including grain, flour, sugar, dairy, cereal, spices, flavorings and many more. These products aren't explosive, but the dusts created in processing, moving, and packaging are very explosive.

These explosive dusts, also known as Combustible Dusts, pose serious risks to the plant and employees as they can spontaneously cause explosions and fires. Food product manufacturing, alone, constituted nearly 25% of all the combustible dust related incidents between 1980 and 2005 which, in total, killed 119 workers and injured more than 700. The bulk of incidents are caused when combustible dust builds up, since the dust's ignition temperature drops significantly when the dust deposits as a layer. For example, the grain, hop will ignite in a dust cloud at 860° F but it will ignite at 554°F in a 0.2" dust layer. Therefore, these dusts can be incredibly costly in multiple ways (physically, monetarily, etc).

Levels of these dusts are governed by OSHA and monitored by other organizations that regulate safety. We highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the statutory parameters. View Laws & Regulations

To minimize these risks, implement quality air filtration products and systems. Below, is an outline of the solutions we recommend.



Our Solutions
FX Extractor Arm
FX Extractor Arm
Extractor arms for use in laboratories in applications such as gluing, working with solvents, adhesives, etc.
Bench Top Extraction Kit
Bench Top Extraction Kit
These kits include FX Original extraction arm(s) with hood or nozzle, a fan with speed control and a standard filter.



 More solutions coming soon! We would love to help you find some custom solutions in the meantime.