Chemical Manufacturing processes like blending, mixing, buffing, coating, color additives, dryer, and extrusions all carry serious risks. The most critical risks are threats to health, safety, and property.

When chemicals are agitated or processed, dangerous gases arise and the potential for fire or explosion is substantial. Any accumulation of dust creates a problem, but chemical dusts have especially dangerous properties. For example, some have high concentrations of toxic metallic elements and others react badly upon contact with skin. 

Exposure to these dusts is governed by OSHA and monitored by other organizations. We highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the statutory parameters. View Laws & Regulations

To minimize these risks, implement quality air filtration products and systems. Below is an outline of the solutions we recommend.


Our Solutions


Nordfab Quick Fit Ductwork

Quick, simple and strong clamp type ducting to modify, expand or reduce most dust collection systems in a matter of seconds.

Fume Arms

Stainless Steel Extraction Arm

BISCO Stainless Steel Extraction Arms are the most advanced, versatile and durable method of capturing air pollution at its source.

FX2 CHEM Extraction Arm

Small Nederman extraction arms designed for use in applications where resistance against chemical substances is needed.

Bench Top Extraction Kit

These kits include an FX2 Extraction Arm(s) with a hood or nozzle, a fan with speed control and a standard filter.

Flex Hose

High Temp Exhaust Hose

Double ply construction, silver aluminum coated fiberglass fabric hose with a silver heat resistant fiberglass liner.

Sealed Teflon® Exhaust Hose

Double ply construction, black Teflon® fabric hose with a silver heat-resistant fiberglass liner mechanically crimped in a continuous process.

Extreme Temp Stainless Steel Hose

Hose manufactured using a Titanium stabilized 316 stainless alloy which has superior high temperature corrosion resistance.

General Purpose Flex Hose

Medium weight, black thermoplastic rubber hose reinforced with a spring wire helix.

Dry Dust Collectors

OptiFlo® RC

A cartridge collector that's the optimal solution to many applications with an optimized design and enhanced filtration performance.

FabriPulse® Fusion

A dry dust collector that's the optimum solution to a variety of air quality problems and can be tailored to specific applications.

PulsePak® Prime

A cartridge dry dust collector designed to meet today’s high efficiency and compact size requirements for in plant recirculation installations.


A dust collector that will remove up to 99% (by weight) of moderate to coarse particle size dust.

Wet Dust Collectors

RotoClone® W

A cost effective, high efficiency wet dust collector that combines a dust collector with a centrifugal fan.

RotoClone® N

A wet dust collector that combines high efficiency, low maintenance costs, simplicity, flexibility and low water usage to maximize performance.

RotoClone® LVN

An efficient, compact and economical wet type dust collector specifically designed for volumetric flow rates of 2,500 CFM or less.

Side Access Housings

AstroSeal® Type S

Designed to meet the stringent requirements of HEPA filter applications, this housing is engineered to perform reliably, even in the toughest environments.

Bag In/Bag Out

A filter system that's a safe, simple, reliable method for removing contaminated particulate filters and/or gas absorbers in hazardous environments.



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