Platypus Vacu-Valve

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One of the Lowest Cost, Lowest Maintenance Dust Collector Valves Available. 

The Platypus Vacu-Valve is a trickle valve that efficiently and economically operates as a constant discharge valve for dust collectors, hoppers, cyclones and other equipment operating under negative pressure. It is self-actuating, does not require lubrication, and has no controls or power requirements. This unit is perfect for “keep empty” dust collection units and is an economical alternative to expensive rotary airlock valves.

Its unique duck bill design adjusts to the desired volume and allows it to dispense free-flowing material continuously. See an animated demonstration of how a duck-bill airlock valve works in the video below. The sleeves are replaceable and available in a variety of materials which make the trickle valve suitable for general use, high temperature or abrasive material applications. 

They are typically utilized in industries such as foundries, mining, cement, pharmaceutical, dry foods, plastics, chemical and manufacturing. 

Key Features

  • 8" - 10" Diameters
  • Unique Duck Bill Design
  • Inexpensive
  • Low Maintenance, no lubrication or power source needed
  • Sleeve Materials for different applications
  • Carbon or Stainless Steel
Spare sleeves and parts can be ordered quickly upon request.

Valve Sleeve Options

Neoprene – The standard neoprene duck bill sleeve is recommended for most non-abrasive to slightly abrasive dusts and powders. This sleeve is recommended for operating temperatures up to 200°F.

Nitrile – The newly improved nitrile duck bill sleeve is chemical and caustic resistant as well as abrasive resistant. The white coloring of the sleeve is the perfect solution to applications involving solid white dust, eliminating the possibility of dark specs which may contaminate a finished product.

VHT Chemical Resistant – The VHT duck bill sleeve is heat resistant in temperatures up to 400°F and offers excellent resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals.

Silicone – High temperature silicone sleeve suitable up to 550°F.

Valve Options

There are two types of trickle valves, the open construction Platypus and the closed construction Armadillo.


Aerodyne Valves

The Aerodyne line of material handling valves is one of the longest lasting and most durable in the powder and bulk handling industry.

The Vacu-Valve operates based on the equilibrium between the vacuum in the system above it, the particulate size, shape, mass and physical characteristics. The sleeve forms an airlock when exposed to negative pressure above it. The vacuum must be less than -16″ W.C. to pass solids. Solids will build up in the Vacu-Valve as the vacuum and sleeve friction resist, letting the particulate out. The force of gravity and weight of built-up particulate force the particles down through the sleeve until they fall out of the bottom. Fine particles with a spherical shape (ex. sand) work best. Flow rates vary based on the particulate characteristics and operating conditions. Contact us to see if this valve will work for your application. Available in 8″ and 10″ flange size.


Product Video



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