QF Y-Branch

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Y-Branches to split air within QF® ducting evenly

Nordfab® QF® duct branches in Y shape (sometimes called “true wyes”) that provide optimal air flow if it's the final, or only, branch in the ducting. It's splits the air almost 50/50 which is the closest to even you can get using standard parts.

They come standard with 60º between legs, but a 90º angle is also available. They are available in 3" - 24" diameters. 

When ordering make sure to fill out A, B, and C correctly. Both B & C each must be at least 50% of A, with B or C being at least 80% of the opposite leg. For help calculating what you need, Contact Us

Product Features

  • 3" - 24" Diameters
    • Some diameter configurations aren't available
  • 60° or 90° angles
  • Y shape that splits the air nearly 50/50
  • Quick, simple assembly