S-Series Dust Collector

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Silent Operating Dust Collector for Wood Dust Applications

The Nederman S-Series Dust Collector is an enclosure-less, silent and simple to setup dust collector for your wood dust collection needs. The fan operates at a low RPM resulting in quieter operation compared to competing indoor dust collection systems. It is equipped with the Super Bag filter which is safe for use with wood dust and is 99% efficient.

This Dust Collector is commonly used in applications such as high speed routing sawing, cutting, single 'cell' manufacturing, and after-filters. It's ideal for indoor installation and available in three models, the S-500, S-750 and S-1000, with an operating capacity of up to 5000 CFM.

It comes standard with Bags for waste disposal. Barrels and Dump Bins are available alternative waste disposal options.

Product Features

  • Quiet operation
  • Safe for indoor installation
  • Simple setup
  • Three or single phase
  • Small footprint
  • Bag waste disposal (barrel or bin option)

Product Specifications

  • Model S-500
    • 16 Filter Elements
    • 5.0 HP (3.75 kW) Power
    • CFM Range: 8.0" WG - 1500 CFM, 7.5" WG - 2000 CFM, 5.0" WG - 3000 CFM
  • Model S-750
    • 24 Filter Elements
    • 7.4 HP (5.5 kW) Power
    • CFM Range: 10.0" WG - 2500 CFM, 8.0" WG - 3500 CFM, 6.0" WG - 4500 CFM
  • Model S-1000
    • 24 Filter Elements
    • 10.0 HP (7.5 kW) Power
    • 8.0" WG - 4000 CFM, 7.0" WG - 5000 CFM



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