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FlexPAK High Vacuum Unit

Brand: Nederman
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Product Description

The leading extraction solution. Always the right capacity.

The FlexPAK high vacuum unit is designed for the extraction of welding fumes, grinding dust and metal chips within applications such as cleaning the workplace, the shop floor, and machines.

The FlexPAK has an electronic vacuum controller that regulates the speed of the motor depending on the vacuum demand with an energy saving operation. The filters are effectively cleaned by applying powerful air bursts to the filter through quick opening valves which knocks dust into the dust bin. This maximizes filter life, optimizes functionality, and is easily adjusted in the PLC. It can also be fitted with different types of alarms that give both visual and audible signals such as level monitors for waste containers, filter indicators (for clogged filters) and fire alarms.

Key Features
  • Demand controlled vacuum
  • Automatic Filter Cleaning
  • Fitted with alarms
  • Easy to install
  • Built in PLC functions
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Built in safety functions
  • Suitable for many applications
Granulate, Grit, Fumes, Chip, Dust

A complete solution, ready and installed to use.

A FlexPAK system can also include automatic vacuum valves and swing arms.

The automatic vacuum valves open when operations start and distribute the capacity of the unit to the extractors where suction is required. When all the valves are closed the unit shuts down, minimizing power consumption.

The swing arms, with suspended hoses for extractors connected to grinders and welding guns, are highly efficient and provide excellent ergonomics.

FlexPAK (470 CFM) DX
  • A high vacuum unit, suitable for applications where metal chips, shot blasting grit and other heavy material need to be removed.
FlexPAK (590 CFM) DX
  • A vacuum unit that operates at a lower vacuum level and is suitable for extracting welding fumes and grinding dust and for use where a constant airflow is a requirement.


FlexPAK DX is designed to extract combustible and noncombustible dust, but only the inside of the filter meets the ATEX requirements. It is of utmost importance to know the properties of the extracted material as this unit is intended to be a part of an extraction system collecting material with the following properties:

  • Dust explosion class: St1 and St2
  • Pmax: ≤10 bar 
  • MIE (Minimum Ignition Energy) > 3 mJ 
  • MIT (Minimum Ignition Temperature) > 401 °F 

Materials with properties not given within the above stated values must be investigated prior to use with the FlexPAK DX.

DX Model Standards:

  • Whole unit can't be placed in a directive 1999/92/EC Zone
  • Applicable Ducting Standard: Zone 20, 21, 22
  • Inside is a simple filter/silo that is not inline with the directive 94/9/EC




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