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Nederman Extraction Arm NEX D

Brand: Nederman
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Product Description

Combustible Dust Extraction Arm Suitable for Industries where Hygiene is a Top Priority

The Nederman combustible dust extraction arms NEX D & DX are suitable for industries where hygiene is a top priority. They have concealed joints and a separate easy to mount hose. Enclosed support arm, separate hose and a stainless steel hood means these NEX arms require little maintenance and is easy to clean.

These arms are not marked with the EX symbol since they don't fall under the scope of the directive 2014/34/EU. Even if they don't have the EX marking, they're highly suitable for use in zones 22, 21 according to ATEX-work directive 1999/92/EC.


The Nederman NEX D is equipped with an earthed ventilation hose made of FDA approved ingredients. To be used in environments with explosive dust the arm is single earthed by the helix in the hose. The hose is made of PVC with FDA approved components.

The Nederman NEX DX has an antistatic-earthed ventilation hose that prevents static electricity and sparks. The arm is double-earthed, by the helix in the hose and through the arm system. The hose is made of antistatic Polyurethane.

Key Features
  • Little Maintenance
  • Easy to Clean
  • Double Earthed
  • Flexible Arm
    • Easy to Position
  • Recommended for use in Explosive Environments
    • Zone 21, 22
Airflow 1,000 CFM
Connection Ø 6"
Max. Fume Temperature 150°F
Noise Level at Hood

54 - 81 dB(A)




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